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Step1: Assess
Pinpoint your weak areas with a computer-based pretest designed just like the actual NCLEX-RN®.
Step 2: Study
Practice with NCLEX RN Mastery's 2,000+ exam-style questions and rationales on your phone and computer.
Step 3: Evaluate
Rehearse for the NCLEX-RN® with a computer-based posttest and get instant results with your probability of passing.
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NCLEX Mastery’s experts are undergraduate nursing instructors and have helped to design this all-in-1 NCLEX prep program for true NCLEX success!

Catherine Cantrell, MSN RN
"My former students (now RNs!) often tell me they felt well prepared for the actual exam thanks to NCLEX Mastery and two realistic online simulations. The topics covered on the NCLEX were exactly what they practiced, so there were no surprises! The whole program is a great way to find out what your weakest areas are so you know exactly what to study."

Cindi Bell, BSN RN
"Having convenient access to two realistic online simulations – designed with the same rigor as the real test – helps students know their probability of passing and increases their confidence on test day. Plus, with NCLEX Mastery's detailed rationales for each practice question, this program is all you need to pass the NCLEX. I recommend this to every student."

Dr. Richard Ferguson
"I've been an expert in high-stakes assessments for over 40 years. Pinpointing your weaknesses with a pretest, working through targeted practice sessions, and then taking a simulation of the actual test will ensure you are ready for test day. The NCLEX Mastery Exam Program provides it all – I give it 5 stars!"
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