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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Pretest and Posttest?
While you can take either NCLEX Simulation at any time, the Pretest is designed to be taken before you start studying for the NCLEX-RN®. Use the results to guide your study sessions, starting with your weakest areas first. When you’re ready — about two weeks before you take the actual NCLEX-RN® — take the Posttest to see your probability of passing and the categories you might want to review before test day.
I’m not ready to purchase, is there a free trial?
Yes! Take the 25-question mini simulation to get a feel of the full-length simulation. It is free.
Why can’t I retake the simulations?
Just like the actual NCLEX-RN®, the NCLEX Simulation is a one-time test. You can’t take it again but you always have access to your probability of passing and your results. Use these to guide your study time!
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