Welcome to The NCLEX Mastery Mini-Simulation

You are about to experience the NCLEX in a simulated test environment. Test-takers like you increase their confidence when practicing in an environment that mimics the actual exam.

The 25-question simulation test has been designed to mimic the NCLEX with the same look and feel. As you start the simulation and begin answering questions, you will not​ receive results or explanations. Just like the real NCLEX, an exam clock will count down your testing time throughout the simulation. You may use a calculator and a scratch paper, so have these ready before you begin.

When the test is complete, be sure to target your studies using the NCLEX Simulation results. For a complete assessment of your strengths & weaknesses, try our full 75-question NCLEX Pretest and 75-question NCLEX Posttest!

Good luck!